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5 landmarks in Nessebar that are worth visiting

Nessebar is a seaside town with a rich history. The area was settled, and the settlement was founded about 2 millennia before the New Era, and a little later the area developed at a rapid pace and Nessebar became a notable commercial center.

Nowadays, the resort has preserved a large amount of cultural monuments. The city is divided into 2 parts – old and new – the old part is located on a peninsula and is mostly a place for sightseeing. The new part has a modern design and architecture. A large number of hotels have been created that fully meet the needs of their guests. Here is one of the best such hotels, which is located closest to the old part of the city and offers the much sought after all inclusive convenience –

What must we visit when renting a hotel in Nessebar?

Saint Nicholas Marine Aquarium

It is located on the northern alley of the city of Nessebar and can be visited every day of the week. On its territory for exhibited aquariums, in which we can see an extraordinary variety of Black Sea and Mediterranean species. This is one way to find out what fish live in our sea and learn interesting information and facts about them.

The windmill

The windmill is located on the bridge that connects the old and new parts of Nessebar. The building has been preserved since Turkish times and has become a symbol of the city. It was built on 3 floors, the first floor was used for storage, the second floor as a living room, and the third as a workshop.

The upper floors can be reached by a large staircase. The mill is built of well-treated wood, which has preserved its qualities to this day, only its color has changed. The foundation that is built under the mill is made of stone.

Fortress walls

The walls were built in the past to protect the city from attacks. The entire peninsula was surrounded by walls and towers, the reason being that it was of great importance for commercial activity and connections with the surrounding world. Under the influence of natural natural conditions, the walls began to be destroyed little by little, because for some time their maintenance was frozen. From the preserved remains it is still evident that the walls were supplemented with ceramics by Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians.

Turkish baths

They were built during the reign of a Byzantine emperor in the 6th century. Only a part of their territory was explored, as they are located under the streets of the city. About 5 halls are open, some of them with a pool, a lounge and a central room. The thermal baths are built of stones and bricks and marble is placed in their outermost part. Access to hot drinking water took place with the help of pipes coming from the western part of the thermal baths. A complete water supply system was built underground in the city.

Museum of cinema

We can find it in old Nessebar at Mesemvria Square. Every year, the museum attracts the curious eyes of thousands of tourists. It displays a variety of authentically preserved film sets and components provided by studios and collectors. We can spot props from the much hyped Harry Potter book adaptation years ago, Game of Thrones, The Joker, Star Wars and more.

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