Pros and cons: Summer home office by the sea

The concept of home office has largely entered the practice of employers since the beginning of 2020. During the summer months, we want to be at the beach more and more, but what if we could combine summer vacation with work? Its possible! Hotels now offer apartments for rent where we can work in a bright and spacious place under the soothing sounds of the sea.


If we don’t like to spend too much time at the sea, we have the option of short-term apartment rentals. However, if we are passionate fans of the sea air, the peace and quiet of the seashore, we have the option of long-term apartment rentals.

Location selection

Obzor is a small and cozy town situated in a calm bay. The advantages of the resort are the variety of establishments, the hospitality and the pleasant sea climate. At the end of the working day, we have the opportunity to visit various sights. In some of the hotels we can find absolutely affordable prices for renting an apartment in Obzor.

Advantages of a summer home office by the sea

Each employee has the opportunity to plan their time and tasks so that they can be as productive as possible throughout the day. Another plus is that telecommuting builds more trust between employees.

At night we sleep in the fresh air, and in the morning we wake up at the sea – what could be more inspiring!

All you need is a quiet and bright place and internet. Most apartments for rent in Obzor are equipped with everything necessary to feel as good as possible while working near the seashore.

In fact, the workplace is not confined within four walls of the place where we are staying. We can work absolutely anywhere as long as we have electricity and internet – on the terrace, in cafes, pastry shops, even on the seashore. The very thought that we are not closed in the office gives us the motivation to work better. The sounds of the waves crashing on the shore gives a feeling of freedom and ease. When we are stressed and tired from the hustle and bustle of the office, the so-called “white noise” created by the sea waves acts as a relaxation for the senses.

The so-called co-working locations are a huge convenience. They are quiet, peaceful places with fast internet – spaces completely dedicated to working people. An ideal opportunity to make new contacts. Many such co-working offices have been built in the country, but they are in urbanized areas. The first idea for an office on the beach was realized in 2020.


The first and perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that when we are in a vacation mood, we go to the sea with the idea of having fun, seeing friends or indulging in a family vacation. Consciousness somehow excludes the idea that, in addition to all this, we also have to work. Sometimes we are distracted, distracted by the thousands of people on vacation. We might even envy them a little!

Another drawback is that sometimes the vacationers or their children make more noise than is tolerable. This leads to certain distraction and loss of productivity.

An unpleasant situation is when we are working, the battery of our laptop runs out and there is no place to plug it in to charge. Thus, we automatically lose the physical ability to work, and from there we get disappointed if we had good ideas and cannot implement them at the moment.

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