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Sofia – a place for business meetings and much more

Among the most frequent occasions to be in the capital Sofia again is your business, company seminars or other urgent circumstances. Despite everything, you can always find a free minute to walk around the city, go to a museum or have a bite to eat in a garden or park. Unique and unsurpassed things are hidden in the city, and the fact that you are coming as a result of another business trip or a visit to friends is no reason to leave entertainment aside. As a hub destination, Sofia is a charming and suitable setting for a few-day sightseeing excursion. A walk through the hundreds of offers of cultural and historical monuments and places is a great solution for any family with small children.

Of course, there are not a few people for whom Sofia is the only center of many administrative buildings and institutions, but this does not prevent organizing an event with the aim of cultural enrichment.

The best of all that Sofia has to offer are the hundreds of opportunities that leave unforgettable memories for everyone and are scattered in different parts of the city.

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