Wedding at the sea – a short guide to organization

A wedding is one of the most wonderful moments in a person’s life. However, its organization is often accompanied not only by excitement, but also by tension. Wedding outfit, guests, decoration, gifts. These are only a small part of the questions before all future newlyweds. One of the important decisions to be made is where the wedding will take place. If you dream of a seaside wedding, check out our tips. Today we share with you 4 things that you should consider when organizing the event.

Place and time

Think about exactly where you want the wedding to take place. The celebration can be on the beach, in a hotel, on an island or on a yacht. Newlyweds often choose a hotel complex because of the benefits that this type of facility provides. Hotels usually provide preferential rates for overnight stays to guests. This is a big plus, since often some of the guests have to travel to attend the event. In addition, hotels offer entertainment until the early hours of the day. Remember that if the wedding is outdoors, you must comply with the regulations in place. Loud outdoor noise after 10 pm is prohibited. If you are also considering having your wedding in a complex by the sea, see here our proposal for a wedding hotel in Varna.

If you dream of a wedding on the beach, take into account the specifics of the place. Consider the climatic conditions of the resort you have chosen. Our northern Black Sea coast is usually windier. It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in case of strong sun or surprise rain.

Menu and welcome drink

Choose your food and drinks carefully. If the wedding is outdoors, they will be exposed to direct sunlight and wind. This can change their taste. If the wedding is in a hotel and you have a lot of guests, you can combine the welcome drink with the time when the guests give congratulations and give gifts.

Transport and accommodation

It is common practice for the newlyweds to cover the costs associated with the transportation and accommodation of the guests. At your own expense, you must provide at least one overnight stay for those who will travel. See what fraction of all guests that is. Consider also how many of them can rely on their own transport or provide space for others. If you decide to hire a bus or coach, it is best that all guests travel together on the same day.

Wedding outfit

Choosing a wedding dress and shoes requires a lot of time and attention. It is important to choose ones that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Go for ones that allow you to move freely and are suitable for the place. When choosing a hairstyle, keep in mind that at sea the air is more humid, and on the coast it is often windy. Discuss the details of the wedding with the hairdresser in advance.

Let’s summarize. A wedding at sea can be a real fairy tale. In order for the event to go as you envision it, it is important to think about both the “big picture” and the small details. Make a plan for all activities and follow it step by step.

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